With Pollution Control rules getting stringent day by day our customers are assured of receving solution that only comply with current legislation & safety standards but also serves the interests of environment protection while at the same time enabling profitable operation.

PureOne has years of experience in design & supply of ETP UF + RO system from every simple to most challenging streams comparising of solvent, very high turbidity, extream TDS with combine physio- chemical treatment process with tertiary polishing systems for the removal of organic, inorganic, oil & grease, heavy metals & suspended solids.

For UF we adopt both in organic as well as organic membranes depending upon nature of feed watercharactrics. blends of PVC construction with MS or SS without any leakages is the part of PureOne engineering which is not easy for any other company to adapt so ease.

Output from our systems are such of high standards that it can be reused within plant or discharge safely back to environment. These advanced system out perform conventional technology & provide consistent supply of potable water as well as non potable water that meets al discharge & reuse regulations.

The know - how,indepth experience & social competence of our staffare of anormousvalue to our company , our clients & our partners. At PureOne we understand water very well whether its potable or pharma or end of pipeline treatment water. with accurate & advanced projection software whichPureOne use, customer knows the output quality of water very well before the placing an order.