Spare parts management is a critical activity due to its direct impact on the life and continuity of operation of a water production system.

PureOne Spare Parts department is strongly linked to the After Sales Service, so to grant the best synergy between the two departments and provide full solutions to eventual site critical situations, in the final interest of the Customer.

PureOne Spare Part department can provide the following:

  • Recommended spare parts
  • Based on its experience on thousands of plants operating worldwide, PureOne can propose and supply to the customer a minimum package of critical spares which should be kept at Customer's site. These spares may be used both during periodical preventive maintenance, and in case of failure of a specific component.

  • Technical Assistance
  • Technical assistance can range from simple telephonic support, to a direct and fast site intervention. To grant the most efficient reactivity, PureOne has established a number of regional and local after sales services, to better fit with customers needs.

    The activities also includes fine tuning of the plant, so to reach the highest performances of the same.

  • Emergency spares
  • PureOne has developed an internal stock of critical spares. The selection of spares kept in stock by PureOne is based on a statistical study performed to identify the most common criticalities.